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Post Op Nerve Decompression Instructions Including Tarsal Tunnel

After your surgery you are to take your medicine as prescribed. You may take all of your usual medication unless you are told to do otherwise. Only use a small amount of water when taking medication. If you are a Diabetic on Insulin you will NOT take your Insulin in the morning.

It is important to take your temperature twice a day for the first 2 weeks after your surgery. If you have a temp over 101 degrees please call Dr. Bregman.
It is normal to have some numbness in the area you had surgery on or even away from that area for up to as long as 24-36 hours. You should also check to make sure your circulation is good and the bandages are not too tight. Poke your finger into each tip of your toe or have someone else do it and make sure it blanches and then returns color within 3 secs.

Keep your foot or feet elevated as much as possible. This is especially important in the first 48 hours. IT IS IMPORTANT TO WALK AT LEAST 40 TO 50 FEET PER HOUR TO KEEP THE NERVES FROM GETTING STUCK IN SCAR TISSUE. Wiggle your toes and slowly move your ankle when not walking.

Icing- this should be done constantly for first 48 hours even when sleeping if possible. You may want to purchase several bags of frozen peas or 5lb bag of crushed ice to use. Just make sure you do not put the ice directly on the skin and make sure there is enough bandage between the ice and your skin.

If you should have any signs of a blood clot such as severe pain in your calf or severe swelling please call Dr. Bregman
Crutches- If you were dispensed crutches please use them, if you have trouble using them you may be better off with a walker or a knee roller.

You will usually be given a surgical shoe at the surgery center please make sure you wear this at all times unless told otherwise. You may be able to remove it for the bed and Dr. Bregman will let you know.

Showering- You will not be able to shower or get your foot wet for at least one week. You may wish to purchase a shower bag available at some pharmacies and medical supply stores or online.

You may be progressed into a cam walker boot after 1-3 weeks depending upon the type of surgery you had.
It is not uncommon to experience some shooting nerve pain after surgery it will usually diminish in intensity and frequency every few days but can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Be sure and ask Dr. Bregman any questions you may have about your surgery at each visit. Do not leave the office with unanswered questions.

If you should have any issues at all regarding your surgery please make sure that you bring it to the attention of the office. First speak with Dr. Bregman’s medical assistant during office hours and call Dr. Bregman directly on his cell phone if needed after hours. If you leave a message Dr. Bregman will get back to you.

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