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With over 25 years in practice DR. Bregman has often been recognized as an expert in complex foot and ankle conditions, with a primary focus on nerve issues and chronic pain. As the founder of Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center in Las Vegas, Dr. Bregman welcomes new and existing patients to the practice. He has been recognized as being in the Top 3 best foot doctors since he came to Las Vegas in 2010. He has treated professional athletes from the NFL and NHL, MMA, UFC, USTA as well as celebrities. Patients travel from all over the world in order to have Dr. Bregman perform surgery when needed. Dr. Bregman has been trained in a holistic functional medicine approach and only advocates surgery when it is absolutely indicated as a last resort or if it is something that has no other option but surgery. “I also utilize homeopathic treatments whenever possible as traditional pharma treatments while they can be effective, they also have side effects that can cause serious issues and problems.” If we can get the machine (body) working as best as possible then whatever we do to help and treat you will have a better response and a longer effect. Also, Dr. Bregman feels very strongly about keeping in touch with all his patients, at all times. He uses tech and social media to keep his patients and others informed as best as possible. If there is a treatment that is available and works, then Dr. Bregman probably has it available and will be able to offer it to you if he thinks it can help you!
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Why Dr. Peter J. Bregman?

Over 25 Years of Specialty Practice

Here at Bregman Fance Foot-Ankle & Nerve, we specialize in a number of foot and ankle conditions including but not limited to Stump Nueroma, Bunion Surgery, Flat Feet, Diabetes, Tendonitis, and more.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Bregman earned his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. He was then accepted into a competitive foot and ankle residency at the Harvard-affiliated Cambridge Hospital in Massachusetts where he completed a two-year surgical residency.

To further his expertise in foot and ankle surgery, pediatric reconstructive surgery, trauma care, and flat foot repair, Dr. Bregman went on to complete a podiatric trauma and pediatric fellowship at Vilnius University Hospital in Lithuania. He is currently board-certified through the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

Podiatric Trauma and Pediatric Fellowship

Dr. Bregman maintains professional memberships with the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons, and the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons, to name a few. Throughout his career, Dr. Bregman has stayed involved in research, academics, and continuing education. He’s been published in over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific journals and spends time lecturing internationally about his research.

Though Dr. Bregman has special interests in sports medicine, pediatric foot care, peripheral nerve surgery, and minimal incision surgery, he’s able to diagnose and treat all types of foot and ankle conditions. He regularly cares for patients who struggle with chronic ailments such as gout, plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot ulcers, arthritis, and neuropathy, among others.

In 2010, Dr. Bregman relocated to Las Vegas to enjoy the desert and to escape the harsh winters in the Boston area. He established his roots and ultimately founded his state-of-the-art private practice, Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center, which gives him the opportunity to focus on patient-centric care and high-quality medical services. Dr. Bregman is also bilingual in English and Spanish.

When Dr. Bregman is away from the office, he enjoys playing golf and learning about wine. He’s passionate about rescue animals and even has a rescue greyhound of his own as well as a little chihuahua named Lucky. Dr. Bregman is also a huge fan of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team and regularly attends games.

What our patients say

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