Flat Feet in Adults

There are two types of flat feet as it pertains to the patient. One that does not need treatment and one that does. First is to identify which of the two you are? Most flat feet should at the very least be placed into proper supported shoe gear. Shoes like flip flops or flats, Vans, Converse should be avoided.


What can happen if flat feet are not treated? Knee problems, back pain, tendonitis, bunions, hammertoes, stress fractures and other issues. If your family members have flat feet, it is very likely that the condition will only worsen as you get older. Diabetic people are more probe to problems if they have flat feet. Athletes cannot perform as well with flat feet. Rigid flat feet are rare and harder to treat as most flat feet are flexible and easier to treat.

An evaluation by a Podiatrist will be performed. In order to determine what course of treatment may or may not be necessary. It is important to have weight bearing X-Rays taken in order to see the structure of the feet and how the joints are aligned to determine whether or not more than shoe gear or orthotic inserts will be necessary to help and or correct the problem. 


The term pathologic flatfoot refers to a foot that most likely would benefit from surgical intervention. There are some very simple procedures that are minimally invasive that can correct a flat foot for life, avoiding the need to wear orthotics altogether but sometimes are more involved and bigger surgical procedures are necessary depending upon each patient’s problems.


If you have very mild flat feet some over the counter orthotics may be fine but, in most cases, they are not. They are nothing more that cushions. It is important to control the feet and influence the biomechanics, or the way the foot functions. That is why custom orthotics are the best choice because they are made specifically for you and your feet as no two feet are alike. When you order a shirt in one size it fits everyone differently but when it is custom tailored it fits you perfectly. Click here for more information about our custom orthotics.


Surgery is sometimes as scary option but in the correct hands like Dr. Bregman it can be a life changing event for some people.

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