Hammertoes & Treatment

Conservative Treatment

Shoes with a bigger toe box of proper size. Pads and strapping. Corn treatment when present.


Surgical options – Dr. Bregman

is one of the only people in Las Vegas with extensive training in minimal incision surgery for repair of hammertoes and corns. This involves a small 3-5mm incision on the toe and then a very small drill is used like at dentist to shave or cut the bone. It does involve taping of the toes afterwards during the recovery as no hardware is used.

Standard hammertoe procedures are fusion and arthroplasy this involves removing bone with tendon balancing and use of implants or wires. Some of the hardware stays in and pins that are use will usually be removed in the office. After surgery one can expect swelling for about 3-6 months so wearing dress shoes.


The cock up

toe of the 5th toe is very easily corrected by minimal incision technique and has great cosmetic results.


involves cutting the head off of the proximal phalanx and creating slack and shortening and use of a temporary wire/pin fixation for 6 weeks.

Some of the surgeries for corns associated with hammertoes can be fixed in the office but most require outpatient procedure at a surgery center or hospital

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