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Minimal Incision Foot Surgery


Minimally invasive foot surgery refers to a type of surgery done with a very small incision that requires little or no stitching. Through these extremely small incisions, surgeons insert specially designed instruments to perform the operation. Interventions are carried out through these small incisions and they have minimal exposure to the surgical field, causing minimal or no injury to the adjacent tissue. Because of this, minimally invasive foot surgery allows us to be able to control and predict a patient’s recovery and outcome more manageable.


Minimally invasive surgery was first pioneered in the late 1940s surgery was performed using very small instruments through small incisions done percutaneously.  In the decades since then, further surgical advancements have led to the state of art procedures that we perform today, making minimally invasive surgery much safer and more comfortable and predictable for patients.  However, only trained surgeons should perform these minimally invasive foot surgeries. They acquire these specialized surgical skills only after extensive training, continuing education, seminars, and fellowship within minimally invasive foot surgery community.  Dr. Bregman has been trained in this technique and is now training on an even newer technique to provide the best and latest techniques!


Many procedures can be performed using MIS surgery but also sometimes the traditional ways are actually a better choice. Since Dr. Bregman has been trained in both he can make that determination for you so that you have the best results. MIS surgery does require some extra TLC in the post-op care, which can be explained to you as well.


One of the best procedures for hammertoes is MIS surgery, which provides excellent results almost no pain and quick recovery.  MIS is much better than using traditional methods for this common condition.

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