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Things you need to know about Hammertoes treatment

Hammertoes are a condition that has derived its name from the position of the toe joint, pointing upward and resembles a hammer. This deformity can cause excruciating pain and difficulty in walking, usually marked by a callus on the top skin, it makes the joint rigid and sore. It is basically a cluster of progressive symptoms and joint changes that affect one or more of your toes. If you’re looking for an excellent Hammertoes treatment specialist in Las Vegas, then Dr Bregman is your answer. He is a Podiatrist that heads the Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center at Las Vegas and have been treating tricky ailments like Hammertoes for the last 25 years.


Stages of hammertoes

Hammertoes is a progressive deformity and has three stages to it:

  • Flexible hammertoes: It is a developing stage of hammertoes, so the affected toes are still flexible at the joint.
  • Semi-rigid: This is the stage where the joint begins to stiffen
  • Rigid stage: In this stage, the hammertoes reach its peak of rigidity, making every step difficult with stiffen toe joints.


Causes of Hammertoes

Abnormal muscle balance and weakened muscles are the triggers for Hammertoes. But what really causes abnormal muscle balance in the toes? Here are the following causes that indirectly lead to this condition:

  • Genetics: Your foot type may be the reason for you to develop this type of joint deformity. Flat and flexible feet can trigger hammertoes, while trying to stabilize against the flattening arches. Feet that have high arches are also prone to this ailment as it causes one tendon to overpower the other.
  • Poor shoes: Narrow, ill-fitted footwears like high heels that lack arch support can put extreme pressure on the toe joints, causing Hammertoes. This is the reason why more women are diagnosed with hammertoes than men.
  • Diabetes: People who are diabetic are at a higher risk for hammertoes. Diabetic patients have low blood flow and neuropathy in the feet, leading to less sensation in the foot. The pressure in the joints may or may not be sensed by diabetic patients, making them more susceptible to this ailment. It’s important for them to check for injury or corn on the toes
  • Trauma: Past injury or recent trauma to the feet are also observed as the common cause of Hammertoes


Symptoms of Hammertoes

  • Rigid toe joints
  • Pain in the ball of the foot or toes
  • Formation of corns on the top of the toe joint
  • Redness and Soreness in the joints
  • Inflammation and restricted motion of the joints


Diagnosis & Treatment at Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center

Diagnosis: Usually, a Podiatrist is what you need for treating your hammertoes. If you’re looking for a top Foot specialist in Las Vegas, then Dr Bregman is your answer. The Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center in Las Vegas, will begin your diagnosis with X-Ray evaluation, and physical exam.

Treatment: Dr Bregman will use his experience and knowledge to come up with the following possible treatment options for this kind of deformity.

  1. Surgery: Based on the severity of pain, Dr. Bregman will usually suggest a minimally invasive surgery that won’t take much time for you to recover. During this surgery, the bony painful part will be carefully removed and the joints will be aligned back to normal.
  1. Shoes Inserts: These inserts will control the functions of the feet post-surgery.
  2. Pain relief: Anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate pain.
  3. Toe padding: Padding around the hammertoe can reduce pressure.

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