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Things you should know about Morton’s Neuroma and its treatment at Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center

Morton’s Neuroma is a condition marked by the swelling and scarring of nerves between the metatarsal bones. It affects the forefoot, the part between the metatarsal bones and toes. Therefore, it’s also known as intermetatarsal neuroma. Usually, the patient experiences swollen nerves between the toes, which affects the spaces between the foot. The neuroma can be excruciatingly painful, making it difficult for the patients to move. It is crucial to get the neuroma treated before it becomes worse leading to permanent nerve damage.

The word “neuroma” can be quite misleading, for those who are not acquainted with the medical terms. Neuromas are generally associated with the benign tumors found on the nerves throughout the body. When it comes to Morton’s Neuroma, there’s no tumor, nor there’s a growth of any tissues. It is a mere inflammation and soreness of the existing tissues around the toe region. Usually, it occurs between the third, fourth toes but also between two and three. It is triggered by the compression or the pressure on the foot, especially in the toes for the longer periods of time.  About 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma, and women are more often affected by it. If you’re looking for the top Morton’s Neuroma treatment specialist in Las Vegas, then Dr Bregman is your doctor.


What triggers Morton’s Neuroma?

The following situations can make your foot susceptible to Morton’s Neuroma

  • Abnormal shape of the foot: People with flat foot, high arches or unusual position of the toes. Having instability around the toe joints can also lead to Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Having a prior foot medical condition: Some foot ailments like Bunions and Hammertoes can a risk of Morton’s Neuroma as they make the foot wider.
  • Sports: Sports such as running, tennis and other high-intensity activities tend to put a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet, causing injuries, leading to Morton’s neuroma.
  • Wrong Shoes: Wearing an ill-fitted footwear or shoes can put a lot of pressure on the foot.


Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma

Usually, the onset of pain in the toes is the major symptom for this condition. The other symptoms include:

  • Sharp, stinging or burning pain between the toes while standing or walking
  • Soreness between the toes.
  • Tingling and numbness in the foot.
  • The feeling of a pebble stuck beneath the feet while walking.


Diagnosis & Treatment at Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center

Diagnosis:  Usually an Ultrasound or a physical examination is enough to diagnose Morton’s Neuroma and its severity.


Treatment: When it comes to Dr Bregman’s treatment, he is one of the best Morton’s Neuroma treatment specialists in the world. Generally, he prefers combining treatments based on the severity or mildness of the Neuroma. The basic treatment consists of:

  1. Injections
  1. Laser treatment
  2.  Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to lessen inflammation and soreness in the nerves of the toes
  3. Local anaesthesia to numb the nerves and soothe the pain
  1. Orthotics to offer support the feet and correct the positions of the toes

These are the general procedures that are included in the treatment of Morton’s Neuroma. In more severe conditions, Dr Bregman opts for minimally invasive surgery in the form of decompression.  DO NOT get the nerve cut out neurectomy can lead to severe complications

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