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Laser Treatment Overview

Laser Treatment Overview

First off, lasers have different classifications based on their power.  Not all lasers are created equal and Dr. Bregman has purchased one of the best lasers on the market for you!  The laser can treat in 2 wavelengths which is better than one.  It works on the cellular level to help turn on your own bodies anti-inflammatory system that is likely not working as good as it needs to be.  Laser therapy also has other analgesic effects that we cannot explain.  In most cases you will feel significant relief after your first treatment!  Now depending on the type of problem you are having will determine how many treatments you need to feel significantly better.  If you have a chronic problem like neuropathy you may need maintenance therapy indefinitely if it is working for you.  You cannot be harmed by the laser.  The only time we need to worry is if you have loss of sensation or poor circulation.


What can be treated with laser therapy?  Pretty much any condition that is caused by inflammation and has pain.  It will not work for everyone but has a very high success rate at relieving pain and speeding up healing.  It is especially helpful in reducing inflammation and pain after surgical procedures and Dr. Bregman highly recommends taking advantage of it.

If cost is a concern, it is not any more expensive than a co-pay for physical therapy and because Dr. Bregman truly believes in the technology, he will do what he can to make it affordable to you.  Usually we recommend a minimum of 2 treatments a week 3 is better for acute injuries.  Since it is not covered by insurance you do not need to worry about copays etc. and we can be flexible with scheduling. Cost ranges from $250-$350 for a 6 plan or 10 plan treatment.


What can we treat with Laser Therapy?

Injuries of any kind acute or chronic, Post surgical pain and swelling, Gout, Warts, Fungal Nails, Tendonitis, Sprains, Nerve pain, Neuropathy, Diabetic wounds, frozen or stiff joints.

Also please note as this is not insurance driven we can treat all body parts so if you have pains in the arms, shoulders, hands, knees, back, neck we can treat that as well.

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