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Current Diagnosis and Treatment of Superficial Fibular Nerve Injuries and Entrapment

Peter J. Bregman, DPM, FAENSa,*, Mark Schuenke, PhDb


  •   Identification and treatment of entrapment of the SFN are important topics of discussion for foot and ankle surgeons, because overlooking the diagnosis can lead to permanent nerve damage.
  •   Some patients present with symptoms localized in their feet and, unless the examining clinician takes the time and makes the effort to look more proximal, the diagnosis may be missed if it is related to an SFN entrapment.
  •   Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to avoidance of permanent nerve damage.
  •   Depending on the pathology, either decompression or, in cases of nerve trauma, neurec- tomy with implantation of the affected nerve into muscle with or without a nerve allograft is indicated. For this reason, peripheral nerve surgeons have to understand the rationale for and the technical maneuvers required to execute external neurolysis, nerve excision, and endoneurolysis, each of which is a fundamental element of basic peripheral nerve surgery.
  •   With the proper tools and skills, surgeons are able to help patients with symptomatic SFN entrapment, patients who often present in some degree of desperation, with the periph- eral nerve surgeon as a last resort.

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