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Post Op After Toenail Total or Partial Temporary Removal

Post Op After Toenail Total or Partial Temporary Removal

The bandage you have on the toe should be left in place until the next day. There is no need to remove it. You can expect to see some bleeding which is normal. If there is too much bleeding, you can change the dressing. The anesthesia used during your procedure should last for at least 6 hours but could be as long as 24 hours.


You will begin soaking 12 hours after the procedure 1-2 times a day for 10 minutes in warm salt water. 2 tablespoons in 1 quart of water. For the first few days use gauze to cover the toe instead of a Bandaid, this allows the toe to breath. Once the drainage is minimal you can switch to a Bandaid. Keep it covered at all times for the first 3-4 days with gauze. After this you can use a Bandaid, and at night you should leave it uncovered and open to air to allow it to breath. You should make sure you have a follow up appointment to see the doctor at 2 weeks to make sure it is healing properly.

The procedure is a TEMPORARY procedure and it is not unusual for it to happen again. If this happens the procedure can be done again using a more PERMANENT method  and usually is effective.


In some cases, you may also be prescribed an antibiotic if there is concern about possible infection especially in Diabetics. If you have any concerns or question please call the office or email Dr. Bregman

Please make sure we have your current pharmacy information.

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