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International and Out of State Patients

Office address: 7150 West Sunset Suite #110 Las Vegas, NV 89113 —– Phone number: (702) 703-2526


Distance from airport: 7 miles / 8 minutes




You should set-up (round-trip) wheelchair service through the airline as well if you are in any pain. Book your plane ticket in advance to save on cost.

Mardi Gras Hotel (702) 731-2020 off the strip rates vary. Book handicapped room for easiest way to maneuver. You have to be careful with on the strip hotels as they quote a price and then there is usually a hidden “resort fees”. You can also save by getting AARP (any age now).  If you are staying an extended (2 weeks) period of time, you may want to consider an Airbnb or VRBO to stay in as well.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – 6220 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702)-871-4453


There are multiple companies available in Las Vegas to rent a wheelchair. Yellow Scooter (855) 274-3363 will deliver to the hotel. Scootaround is another company (725) 999-2727.


More than likely you will be asked to have an EMG/NCV test done before you see Dr. Bregman even if you had one done before. Please speak to Noel to arrange this by calling the office. Plan to spend at least 4 days in Las Vegas and depending on the procedures needed it may be longer.

If you have any medical conditions that may restrict you ability to fly, or at risk for DVT/Blood clots, you need to make Dr. Bregman aware of this.

You must have someone accompany you to the hospital or surgery center you cannot drive after surgery.

Here are the hospitals and surgery centers that Dr. Bregman typically uses they are all in same 3 mile radius.


  1. Southern Hills Hospital
  2. San Martin Dignity Hospital
  3. MICOE Surgery Center

* Dr. Bregman often uses grafts such as Amniotic tissue or nerve grafts for the surgeries he performs and they are not being paid for by insurances so if you would like him to use them during your surgery you will have to pay cash.  Please let him know as this has to be ordered ahead of time and also will affect where you have surgery.


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7150 W Sunset Rd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89113


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