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8 Pediatric Lower Extremity Conditions

Pediatric foot issues are often overlooked, in comparison to other kinds of ailments. This is the reason parents think that a child only complains about having a foot pain to skip school or grab attention. This is also the reason why children don’t complain at all, when they are experiencing extreme pain in the foot.  Parents often resort to home remedies for foot issues related to children, but it is always advisable to see a specialist pediiatric podiatrist.  If you’re looking for an excellent pediatric podiatrist who can offer your child world class Pediatric Foot treatment in Las Vegas, then Dr Bregman is the right doctor for you. He has 25 years of experience in treating nerve, foot, ankle disorders, and he heads the Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center in Las Vegas.  He also has a pediatric fellowship. If you’re wondering what are the Pediatric Conditions that can hamper the feet of your child, then here is the following list of pediatric extremity conditions:

  1. Ingrown Toenails

Mostly, present in teenagers, it is also observed in infants. Ingrown Toenails often goes unnoticed or untreated in many cases, while in some cases it is treated with simple medications like antibiotics and warm water soaks using betadine. One must surely visit if the nail is severely incurvated or has presence of abscess within it.

  1. Pediatric Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are viruses that are often caused from walking barefoot around a swimming pool, on the beach or outdoors. These places have profuse growth of microscopic viruses on the ground, which can infect the foot. These warts are mere skin lesions which are usually painful with lateral compression.

  1. Tinea pedis

It is one of the most common foot problems present in children, indicated by severe itching in the foot. Caused by fungal growth, this problem is triggered by wet and unhygienic feet.

  1. Pediatric Onychomycosis

Toenail fungus or Onychomycosis is not a painful condition in children, but it can be an embarrassing state for teenagers. This condition is generally caused by untrimmed toenails and wearing sweaty wet socks for a longer period of time.  Anti-fungal treatment is the first step to cure this condition. 

  1. Crossover toes

Crossover toes also known as overlapping toes is a deformity wherein the Pinky toe overlaps the fourth toe. This deformity is often inherited or it occurs in the mother’s womb, when the child is developing. It can occur in other toes as well. 

  1. Bunion Deformity in Children

Found in adolescent girls more than boys, this deformity is inherited and in children is less painful as compared to adults. Bunion’s in children can progressively distort the shape of the feet. This condition can be treated with custom orthotics. 

  1. Flat foot Deformity 

Flat foot deformity causes pain in the arches, ankles, knees, legs or back pain in children. It also causes abnormal pressure and stress in the lower extremities of the body. Dr. Bregman has people from all over the world to have flat foot correction where indicated.

  1. Intoed Gait

Intoed gait or pigeon-toed is condition, wherein the children walk with feet pointing inwards. It is commonly seen in toddlers or children. Mostly, Doctors advise parents to wait for their children to develop considering it as a phase that they will gradually grow out.  

But if it doesn’t, then do see a Podiatrist. A veteran Podiatrist like Dr Bregman, is a specialist in Pediatric Foot treatment in Las Vegas who heads the Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center in Las Vegas.

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